We offer a range of services that takes a project from concept through to completion.


We aspire to a set of values and it is important to us that our customers and associates recognise these in our work.

| Professional

| Transparent

| Practical

| Creative

| Efficient

| Robust

We ALWAYS undertake a 'fact finding' exercise so that we can ascertain the true position, challenges and sensitivities of the project to be delivered.



Due Diligence

The principal role of the Fund Monitor is to protect the funders interest in the property development or investment.


We provide due diligence on cost management, construction strategies and development risk. Once investment is secured, we monitor and report on compliance; alongside expert opinion on any commercial, contractual, construction and programme issues.

When the role applies to distressed developments our additional forensic skills and construction experience are critical.



Development & Project Management

Representing the developer or investor during the construction phase of a project, we sit between our Client and the Contractor and combine technical know-how, construction experience and collaborative tools to promote project transparency and provide regular, robust reporting.

We work closely with our Developer, Investor and Occupier clients to tailor our Project Management solution to fit the development aims and requirements.



Cost Planning

Cost Management is at the heart of everything we do.

We provide early budget advice, cost planning, procurement services, contracts administration and construction stage reporting, and final account negotiation



Project Delivery

This is a specialist service and is fundamentally different to our other professional services. The Construction Manager manages the project on behalf of the Client.

  • The Client retains control at all times, and benefits from the expertise of a construction manager whose interests align with their own.

  • The Client has complete visibility over the amounts payable to trade contractors.

  • The Client is less exposed in the event of an insolvency event

Significant project level contracting experience means that we are uniquely placed to implement a Construction Management delivery strategy; particularly when the Fund/Client is required to 'step-in' and manage more challenging or distressed developments.



Compliance & Continuity

The Building Manual is a detailed document containing all of the instructions required to manage and maintain a facility.

We work closely with the project team at every stage of the development process to ensure that the final manual is accurate and comprehensive.

We ensure that due consideration is given to Health & Safety, CDM, Operating & Maintenance and Compliance requirements and create a final draft in accordance with the obligations of the building contract.

Our continuity service then enables the Building Manual to be constantly updated whilst the facility is operational.

This is key to:

  • maintaining an efficient maintenance response time

  • reducing issues caused by ambiguity between uncontrolled documents

  • speeding up training and onboarding time

  • reducing insurance premiums and the effect of potential claims events.

  • protecting the value of the asset

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