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Create.iF use 'best in class' technology to support our project teams.


As part of our mission to deliver the most robust, transparent and efficient project and construction management services possible, we are making our processes and partners available to our clients using one structured platform.

This reduces the requirement for our clients to invest in the implementation, training and management of the potentially overwhelming number of systems used during a typical development project.

Create.iF | Space simply enables our users to access the relevant technology at the appropriate time.

A space to create the common threads of data and monitor 'golden source' information throughout the development stages of a construction project.

We maintain 'One Version of the Truth' and ensure that it is accessible to the Fund, Developer, Project Manager, Constructor and Owner/Occupier when appropriate.


Development of the information asset is as important as the building!

Boost Project Efficiency and Construction Economy with a bespoke Workflow Solution

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