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Our Story

In the energetic hustle of the late 90's and early 00's construction scene, Matt Butler was deeply entrenched in Main Contracting.  Day in and day out, he navigated the intricate labyrinths of large-scale projects, amassing invaluable insights and a keen 'commercial eye'.  But as he immersed himself deeper, Matt recognised something vital - a significant gap in the market.

While traditional contractors had a wealth of experience, there was a need for someone to bridge the often-misunderstood divide between them and the developers and funders. These stakeholders required someone who could offer them the seasoned insights of a contractor, ensuring their investments and visions were being realised with the utmost efficacy and value.

With this realisation, and driven by a blend of raw passion and seasoned expertise, Matt laid the cornerstone for what would become Create.iF MANAGE in 2005. His venture was not just another consultancy; it was a conduit, channeling the best of contracting insights for the benefit of developers and funders.

Today, while Create.iF MANAGE has evolved and grown, its mission remains rooted in that original vision. We continue to offer the 'commercial eye' that Matt pioneered, ensuring every project is not just constructed but optimised for success from every angle.

Create.iF seeks to bridge both worlds, ensuring the Developers vision is realised with precision, expertise, and unmatched value.

Our Projects


Commercial | Hospitality

Client | UNITE the UNION

Contractor | Flanagan Group



Client | British Land

Contractor | Morgan Sindall

Wembley Central


Client | St Modwen

Contractor | St Modwen

SAS Maybole


Client | SAS International

Contractor | Interserve

SAS Oldbury


Client | SAS International

Contractor | A&H

Quakers Friar


Client | Mid City Developments

Contractor | MCD

Civic House


Client | Dunedin Property

Contractor | JLL (Tetris Bluu)

Paradise Circus

Fit Out

Client | Argent

Contractor | Create.iF

Cramlington Acute Trauma


Client | NHS

Contractor | Horbury Group


Industrial | Fit Out

Client | Myoderm

Contractor | JLL (Tetris Bluu)


Industrial | Fit Out

Client | CTG

Contractor | Overbury

Baskerville House


Client | Targetfollow

Contractor | Alfred McAlpine

Traffic Street


Client | ARA Venn (KMRE)

Contractor | Urban

Traffic Street

Student Accomodation

Client | JENSCO

Contractor | NMC ( Jensco)

Lamp Works


Client | CORDIA UK

Contractor | GMI

Premier Inn - York

Hospitality & Retail

Client | CBRE Global

Contractor | Clegg



Client | Urbansplash

Contractor | Create.iF

Warner Hotels

Hospitality & Retail

Client | Bourne Leisure

Contractor | various

Coombs Wood


Client | St Modwen

Contractor | Laser Build

Byron House

Student Accomodation

Client | NTU

Contractor | Vinci

Our Approach

Create.iF MANAGE subscribes to a unique philosophy and methodology that guides our every action. Here’s a deeper look into our tailored approach:

  • Managing Expectations with Clarity & Communication: At the heart of every successful project is a clear understanding between all parties. We prioritise open dialogue with our customers from inception to completion. By setting clear milestones, offering regular progress updates, and ensuring that every concern is addressed promptly, we harmonise expectations with reality. This transparency fosters trust and ensures that the customer's vision is always at the forefront.

  • Collaboration with Hand-Picked Partners: We believe in the strength of collective expertise. To ensure top-notch quality and seamless execution, Create.iF MANAGE collaborates with a select group of partners. Each of these partners is carefully vetted, not just for their skills and reputation but for their alignment with our values and commitment to excellence. This curated network ensures that every aspect of the project, from design to delivery, is in expert hands.

  • The 'Golden Thread' Philosophy: At Create.iF, the concept of the 'Golden Thread' is integral. It symbolises the continuous and interconnected flow of information, responsibility, and accountability throughout a project’s lifecycle. This philosophy ensures:

    • Consistency: Every phase of the project, from conceptualisation to completion, is consistent in quality, vision, and purpose.

    • Accountability: Clear lines of responsibility ensure that every stakeholder knows their role and delivers on their commitments.

    • Resilience: By weaving the 'Golden Thread' into our approach, we ensure that projects can adapt to challenges without losing sight of the overarching objectives.

    • Traceability: The continuous thread allows for easy tracking and auditing of decisions, actions, and outcomes, providing transparency and facilitating continuous improvement.

Our Team

Matt Butler

Founder / Managing Director

Karen Ostler

Operations Director

Richard Lander

Commercial Director

Andy Roberts

Associate Director

Josh Johnson

Commercial Manager

Mark Walker

Strategic Advisor

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