Create.iF exists to to support Investors, Developers, Constructors and Business Owner/Managers in their property ventures.  We seek to offer the tools, resource, expertise and experience to make and apply sound commercial, contractual and operational decisions.

We aspire to a set of values and it is important to us that our customers and associates recognise these in our work.

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| professional

| transparent

| practical

| efficient

| creative

| robust

As we build Create.iF, we hand pick fine individuals and businesses to join our team that add depth and character, detail, specific expertise, advice and support to our solutions.​

We work closely with businesses with a similar ethos to strengthen the offering to our clients. This mutual arrangement helps us to provide a quality of service far beyond that which our size would suggest. We are simply bigger than the sum of our parts! 



Our project management service provides an independent and professional way to plan, lead, organise and control the successful delivery of projects from inception to completion and handover.


From concept design through to completion, we create and manage the relationships with all stake holders required to successfully develop the design for a planning application, supported by a cost plan and procurement strategy.


Our construction team offer a natural progression from the concept design, development and procurement and fits perfectly with our other consultancy services.


Your Property Partnership is a UK based service provider that strives to buy any house in any condition in a time best suited for all parties. We work with HNW individuals to build cash flowing property portfolios and provide knowledge and expertise in JV arrangements.


A Building Centric Management Platform that brings together 'best in class' technology and follows the principles of the 'golden record'; sometimes called the “single version of the truth,” which is intended to become the reference to which stakeholders can turn when they want to ensure that they have the correct version of a piece of information


The Create.iF Group is invested in several companies operating within the construction and property industry.

Founded in 2005, our primary business is the provision of commercial and project management services and has expanded to offer design and construction capabilities.

The group works with select clients across the industrial, commercial, retail and residential property sectors on projects ranging from £500k to £100m

Following a period of consistent growth, the group is now seeking investors and JV partners to acquire land and property. We are able to apply in-house skills and experience to increase value through planning permissions, new build and refurbishment to achieve the best possible return on investment.

We continue to build relationships with vendors, land owners, investors, funding institutions, purchasers and tenants. Our approach is transparent and our solutions focus on achieving the maximum benefit to all parties.

Interested in talking to us? Get in touch! hello@create-if.com