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A  Practical,  Efficient  &  Robust approach to Construction Consultancy

We support Funds & Investors, Developers, Constructors, Business Owners and Managers in their property ventures.


We have the knowledge and expertise to enable clients to create the design, finance, procurement and management strategies required to control their construction activities and deliver projects.


We offer the tools, resources and experience to make and apply sound commercial, contractual and operational decisions, particularly amongst troubled or distressed developments.


Empowering Your Vision: Confidence at Every Construction Corner

In an industry as complex and dynamic as construction, confidence isn't just a virtue – it's a necessity. Especially for funders and developers, every decision, no matter how minute, can significantly influence the trajectory of a project.

That's where Create.iF MANAGE steps in.

We exist to be the guiding compass in your construction journey, providing the clarity and assurance you need to move forward. By presenting real-time insights, deep market knowledge, and a bird's eye view of cost dynamics and risks, we ensure that your decisions are informed, timely, and strategic.

But more than just data, we offer peace of mind. With us, you don't just foresee the potential challenges but are equipped to navigate them. Every step you take is backed by our expertise, ensuring that your projects remain resilient, feasible, and aligned with your vision.

At Create.iF MANAGE, we don't just manage construction processes; we build the bedrock of confidence. So, when you decide to take that next big leap in your project, you do so knowing you're on solid ground.


We offer a range of consultancy led, technology supported, services that takes a project from concept through to completion.

We ALWAYS undertake a 'fact finding' exercise so that we can ascertain the true position, challenges and sensitivities of the project to be delivered.

We onboard our clients and their projects and initially place them into one of five stages on the development journey.


We then apply specific workflows, a technology layer and common data environment to help move the project to the next stage as efficiently and economically as possible.


Assessing the viability of your construction vision. We delve deep, analysing potential challenges, costs, and returns to ensure your project starts on the right foundation. Our insights offer clarity on whether to proceed, pivot, or pause.


Overseeing the project from inception to completion.


We can manage schedules, budgets, and quality, ensuring every phase aligns with your vision.


With our hands-on approach, we guarantee a timely and efficient realisation of your construction aspirations.

Strategic Advisory

Our comprehensive understanding of construction from feasibility to delivery has culminated in a specialised offering: the Strategic Advisory Service. This service is tailor-made for businesses seeking introspection, evolution, and expansion.

It’s all about a dialogue

A few words from our clients. See client stories for more.

"A corporate restructure created significant resource issues in our business whilst having several live projects. [Create.iF] provided layers of Contract Administration and Commercial Management to protect the interests of our business during a challenging time"

Graham T


"Create.iF provide a one stop shop for us to progress the design, agree the budget, tender and then deliver our development projects.


A creative approach to problem solving is key when working with smaller projects"

Steven B


"Create.iF brought a team of experts who worked with us and amongst us, complementing our capabilities and allowing our entrepreneurial business to flourish in the knowledge that competent people had our backs"

Paul C - Operations Director


Our Clients

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