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Feasibility & Preparation

Navigating the initial stages of any development project is crucial, and with Create.iF MANAGE, it becomes a strategic endeavor rooted in data-driven insights and industry expertise.


Here's a deeper look into the services we provide during the feasibility and preparation stage:

  • Project Viability Analysis: We commence by assessing the practicality of your envisioned project. This entails a comprehensive evaluation of site constraints, potential challenges, anticipated costs, and projected returns. Our insights will guide you on the path forward, whether that's moving ahead, adjusting your strategy, or considering alternative approaches

  • Market Research & Analysis: Understanding the current market dynamics is vital. Our team conducts in-depth research, analysing trends, demand, competitor positioning, and potential opportunities to ensure your project aligns with current and future market needs.

  • Financial Modelling: Beyond just cost estimations, we delve into detailed financial modeling, examining project funding options, expected ROI, cash flow projections, and potential financial risks. Our aim is to guarantee the economic sustainability of your project.

  • Risk Identification & Mitigation Planning: Drawing from our extensive background in construction management, we meticulously identify potential risks that might affect the project's feasibility. We then craft strategic plans to navigate or negate these challenges, ensuring your project is resilient from the outset.

  • Regulatory Compliance Check: Our team reviews all local and national regulatory requirements that may impact your development project. We'll guide you on securing necessary permissions, licenses, and ensuring your project blueprint complies with all regulations.

  • Stakeholder Engagement Strategy: Understanding that a project's success often hinges on the support of various stakeholders, we devise communication and engagement strategies to garner buy-in from all involved parties, from local authorities to potential investors.

  • Preliminary Design Evaluations: In collaboration with architectural and design teams, we review preliminary designs to ensure they're both innovative and practical, considering factors like sustainability, usability, and aesthetics.


With Create.iF MANAGE leading your feasibility and preparation phase, you're not just initiating a project; you're strategically setting the stage for a development masterpiece, backed by precision, expertise, and foresight.


Helping you make the right decision.

We provide support across each stage of a development project. 

With Create.iF MANAGE, every decision is informed, strategic, and designed for success.


The dynamics of the real estate, development, and construction sectors have never been more fluid. Traditional methods and metrics, such as industry cost indices, have served us well in the past. However, in today's volatile landscape, these tools can sometimes fall short of capturing the immediate shifts and subtleties of the market.

Relying solely on generalised indices can leave gaps in your understanding, potentially exposing your projects to unforeseen costs and risks. This isn't about dismissing tried-and-true methods, but rather about augmenting them with real-time, granular insights that can only be sourced directly from the supply chain.

By tapping into real-time supply chain knowledge, you're granted a front-row seat to the live market pulse. You can gauge the availability of materials, comprehend cost fluctuations, and anticipate potential roadblocks—all essential components to safeguarding your project's budget and timeline.

Isn't it time your business moved a step ahead, basing decisions not just on historical data but on the live heartbeat of the industry?


Create.iF MANAGE work hard to make sure the project is considered against a holistic understanding of construction costs and risks, and ensure that every procurement decision is backed by informed, up-to-the-minute intelligence.


With Create.iF MANAGE's Construction Management Services, every phase of your project is not only supervised but optimised. We're here to ensure that your visions is transformed into reality with efficiency, quality, and confidence at its heart.

  • Predictive Project Analysis: Leveraging real-time data to foresee potential challenges and roadblocks, ensuring projects are executed seamlessly and on schedule.

  • Budget Optimisation & Cost Management: Providing an in-depth understanding of construction costs, risks, and supply chain dynamics to ensure projects are delivered within budget and financial allocations are used most efficiently.

  • Stakeholder Communication: Streamlining interactions between funders, developers, and contractors to foster alignment and reduce misunderstandings, ensuring smoother project progression.

  • Quality Assurance & Control: Monitoring the quality of materials and services with access to real-time supply chain data, ensuring the final construction meets desired standards.

  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation: Offering detailed insights into potential market and construction risks, followed by strategic planning to navigate these challenges effectively.

  • Stakeholder Satisfaction: Implementing measures and feedback systems to ensure all involved parties, from funders to developers, are satisfied and confident in the project's direction.

  • Decision Support: Providing stakeholders with comprehensive, timely data and expertise to facilitate informed, strategic decisions at every project phase.

  • Future-Proofing Consultation: Advising on strategies and best practices to ensure that constructions are adaptable and resilient to future challenges and market shifts.

Strategic Advisory

Our comprehensive understanding of construction from feasibility to delivery has culminated in a specialised offering: the Strategic Advisory Service. This service is tailor-made for businesses seeking introspection, evolution, and expansion.

What We Offer:

  • Business Audit: We start by diving deep into your current operations. Through rigorous analysis, we identify strengths, pinpoint areas of improvement, and evaluate your company's position in the market landscape. This audit lays the groundwork, providing a clear picture of where you stand and where you can grow.

  • Process Optimisation: Drawing from our expertise in feasibility, procurement, and delivery, we design systems and processes that enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and optimize costs. Our methodologies are tried and tested, ensuring your operations are streamlined and aligned with industry best practices.

  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation Strategies: Informed by our extensive experience in construction management, we equip you with strategies to identify potential business risks early on. More importantly, we provide actionable plans to navigate these challenges effectively.

  • Growth Roadmap: Beyond immediate improvements, we look at the horizon. Our team crafts a strategic growth plan tailored to your business's unique needs and aspirations. Whether it's expanding into new markets, scaling operations, or diversifying services, our roadmap guides you step-by-step.

  • Implementation Support: Strategy is only as good as its execution. Our team remains by your side, assisting in the integration of new systems and processes. We ensure a smooth transition, minimizing disruptions while maximizing the benefits of the newly implemented strategies.

  • Continuous Monitoring & Feedback: The business landscape is ever-evolving, and so is our support. Post-implementation, we offer periodic reviews, adjusting strategies in real-time based on feedback and changing market dynamics.

We provide our Strategic Advisory Service with our specialist partners. We're not just offering consultation; we're promising transformation. Let us work with you in your journey towards enhanced efficiency, improved operations, and sustained growth.

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